Long-term planning for the development of your brand and product. Determining the most cost-effective promotion channels and designing a marketing system.

Before you take any action that will cost you money, you need to determine which path will be most effective. For this, each brand needs a clear strategic vision, which reflects goals and objectives, positioning, channels and methods of communication. We formulate a strategy and help put it into practice.


Research and positioning

We collect data about competitors, target audience and company to develop a marketing strategy. We create a concept of perception of your product, which we will convey to the audience. Based on the research, we understand which market niches are free for your product and form brand positioning. We find and enhance the benefits of the product.

- We find the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' brands, evaluate their marketing activity. We determine the positions of your competitors in the minds of the target audience. We analyze their marketing strategies, assess their strengths and weaknesses.

-We segment the audience and determine the selection criteria for each segment. We study the needs of the target audience that competitors do not work with. Let's close them with a marketing promotion strategy. We study what communication channels the target audience uses on the Internet and strengthen them with the help of marketing tools.

-We conduct an audit of the current state of your company, find opportunities for effective brand development. We determine what perception of the audience we need to take in relation to competitors.


Marketing system design

We develop an integrated marketing system that will help to achieve maximum efficiency through the synergy of marketing strategy tools.

-Based on the collected information and developed positioning, we create an effective promotion strategy in communication channels.

- development of a website / landing page that will convey the advantages and strengths of the company / product

- development of the visual design of the brand, corporate identity, naming. Creation of advertising creatives and banners.

- launch of advertising campaigns in Google

- work in social networks and email marketing

- tracking the effectiveness of sales in your company.

You will receive a detailed strategy of the marketing promotion strategy for 2 years.


Digital strategy

For each communication channel, we define performance indicators for 2 years. We rely on the capabilities of your business, market capacity and competitors' activity.

We calculate the advertising budgets that are necessary to achieve the KPIs set by the marketing strategy. When allocating budgets, we take into account the influence of channels on each other - the synergy effect.

On the margins of your product data based on counting the projected profit from marketing. Calculate ROMI based on costs and profit from marketing. We consider the minimum allowable ROMI - 100%.



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