We promote a company or product comprehensively. We calculate the cost of each attracted client, choose the most profitable channels to attract your audience, reallocate budgets to attract clients as profitable as possible. We solve the problem of business seasonality. We automate sales departments so as not to lose leads.

Comprehensive marketing includes working with tools such as:

- contextual advertising,

- media advertising,

- social networks,

- email tracking, email marketing,

- messengers and chat bots,

- SEO,

- Call tracking,

- creating a website or landing pages,

- working with additional advertising platforms.

Website promotion and SEO optimization

Complex work helps to bring the site to the TOP of search engines. SEO is the most profitable marketing tool in the long term, as the user gets to your site through a keyword search, and these transitions are free. SEO optimization includes the development of a promotion strategy, technical correction of website code errors, content promotion through optimization of texts and writing articles, improving the usability of the website, working with external link mass and third-party sources.

Social media promotion

Complete social media marketing. Developing a promotion strategy, setting up and maintaining advertising, as well as developing content, designing and administering accounts. We work with Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and more.

Creation of a selling website for your business

The website is the most important marketing tool, because it is used to interact with various advertising channels, in addition, it is the main seller of the company on the Internet, as well as its face. We develop the following types of sites - landing pages, corporate or news sites, online catalogs and shops, portals, business card sites, government agencies or blogs.

contextual advertising

A marketing tool, after the launch of which you can get customers from day 1. We will set up advertising campaigns in search, Yandex / KMS or optimize the current ones from scratch, reduce the cost of attracting a client, increase their number, set up clear and convenient analytics and KPIs, set up the integration of call tracking services, end-to-end analytics, etc.

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